certain club

Certain Club are the parties/events led by label founders Certain People. In their events, they pay tribute to classic House and Disco sounds, alongside more cutting edge tendencies, and a special attention to artists that never played in the cities where Certain Club nights take place.

They’ve organized 15 events so far, at their home-club Siroco (Madrid), Berlin Club (Madrid), Razzmatazz (Barcelona) and Lanna (Gijón), with guest artists like Jayda G (Freakout Cult, Vancouver), Millos Kaiser (Selvagem, Brasil), Francis Inferno Orchestra (Superconscious, Melbourne),  James Priestley (Secret Sundaze, London), Shanti Celeste (Peach Discs, London), Fett Burger (Sex Tags UFO, Berlín), Peach (NTS, London), Pablo Mateo (Uncage, Berlín), LNS (Wania, Canada), Vin Sol (Clone Jack for Daze, US), Central (Regelbau, Denmark), Bell Towers (Public Posession, AUS), or Harri (Sub Club, Glasgow), all of them received with great enthusiasm from music heads and specialized media, besides many events and festivals in their homeland, Galicia (Northwest of Spain).

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