CMR006 Variable Frequency Technician - Cross Section EP

As Frankie Bones eloquently noted, “the five year run of Plus 8's sub-label Probe sometimes would seem to be putting out better releases than its parent label”. One of those indelible releases was ‘The Arrival’, signed by Casey Tucker under his Variable Frequency Technician moniker. “Cross Section”, the anthem that closed the B-Side of the original 1995 release, is getting now a re-release on Certain Music with two remixes from Fit Siegel and Marc Piñol plus a proper retake from Tucker himself.


It’s hard to tell what’s the most interesting feature of this singular track. Above all is a sharp and defining concoction of what listening to underground techno in the 90s was: warm and blissful chords over a metallic rhythm section, intrincate hi-hats, syrupy synths and a rubber-like bassline —you name it, the track covered it. Tucker’s 2021 remix keeps the vibe pretty much where it originally was, but now building things wider, tremendously three-dimensional and diaphanous. More than a remix, it’s a way to appreciate Tucker’s genuine evolution as an artist over the last three decades.


On the flip side, Fit Siegel signs an acidic and jazzy rendition full of twists and turns: keeping the groove in check while showing an infinite array of layers and melodic ingredients. Marc Piñol does pretty much the opposite while keeping the acid intention, building a ponderous bass-driven track with vocal delays, repetitive percussions and periodic glimpses of Tucker’s exquisite synths.

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CMR005 Pablo Mateo - Ex Calathea EP

Berlin based producer Pablo Mateo delivers the 5th release of Certain Music records with a 4 track EP that balances between proper Techno a-la-berlinese , with solid rhythyms & atmospheric analogue textures, and a couple of direct weapons ready for floor devastation, in the most Techno oriented release of the North-Spain label so far. Check it!

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CMR004 Kresy - Return to Basement EP

Certain Music welcomes Kresy. He is back to his roots as the name of his EP: Return to Basement. Analog-hearted tracks that merge vintage sounds and modern production. 4 energetic house tracks, dancefloor-oriented. Synthesizers, melodies and stripped-back rhythm.

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CMR003 Casey Tucker - Expectations EP

Influenced by Detroit and post rave sounds, Casey Tucker presents an EP that mixes skippy house with percussions and acid bass lines. This record was produced especially for Certain Music Records after he was approached by the end of 2015. Rather than providing projects coming straight from his hard drive, he decided to produce all fresh tracks from scratch.

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CMR002 The Rhythm Odyssey - Love Ticket Trax EP

The Rhythm Odyssey (Dean Meredith) is one of the most prolific and versatile producers on the planet with a prodigious career that spans over 20 years. A founding member of Chicken Lips and Bizarre Inc. The Rhythm Odyssey that s all acidic analog rawness and fuzzy vintage synths.

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CMR001 The Groove Brothers - A Certain Ratio EP

Incl. Tyree Cooper Remix

The first reference is in charge of the Groove brothers, AKA Jef K and Rhythm & Soul and The Collab Between Chicago Legend Tyree Cooper. The Original is A groovy track with sultry vocals and bass samples That drives you back to the early 2000s House sound. Side B Tyree made to Remix preserving the spirit of the house of chicago icluyendo the classic bassline acid of the first productions of the genre, back to the origins.

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